19 June 2024 | 12:32

Dive into the world of Morocco Gaming Expo 2024 conferences

The Morocco Gaming Expo 2024, scheduled for May 24-26 in Rabat, is positioned as a crossroads for intellectual exchange and expertise sharing with its impressive conference program. These three days will be punctuated by panels, master classes and workshops led by internationally renowned speakers.

A three-pronged structure

Each day of the show is dedicated to a specific theme, reflecting the different facets of the gaming industry:

Day 1: Opening and Key Industry Insights – This first day will be marked by presentations focused on major industry trends and strategic insights.

Day 2: Technical Mastery and Artistic Vision in Gaming – Discussions will focus on technical expertise and artistic vision, essential elements of creation in the gaming industry.

Day 3: Sustaining Growth and Expanding Horizons – The final day will discuss sustainable growth strategies and ways to broaden horizons in the gaming industry.

Speakers and Key Themes

The conferences will highlight varied and relevant themes, such as:

  • “Game Design: How Nintendo’s Experiences are Shaping Modern Game Development” – Moderated by Takaya Imamura, this session will explore how Nintendo’s methods influence modern game development.
  • “Building a Gaming Ecosystem in Morocco: Lessons from Global Leaders” – Julien Villedieu will share his expertise on creating thriving gaming ecosystems, taking a cue from global
  • “Advanced AI Techniques in Modern Game Design” – Moderated by Mahzad Kalantari, Machine Learning Research Engineer at Believe, and Anne Gibeault, Creative Director at Reflector/Bandai This session will discuss the advanced AI techniques that are transforming modern game design.
  • “The Art of Gaming – Visuals and Beyond” – Presented by Omar Sabrou, Senior Concept Artist at Build a Rocket, Danniel Dociu, creator of the art of Guildwars and former vice president at Ncsoft, and Hicham Habchi, a renowned artist. They will explore the crucial importance of visuals in games and how they influence the overall player


Meetings with Industry Leaders

Attendees will have the unique opportunity to meet and exchange with iconic figures such as Takaya Imamura, one of Nintendo’s legends, YoungMok Park, CEO of Proxy Planet, and Paul Dawalibi, a visionary in the field of metaverse and esports. These interactions promise enriching discussions and innovative perspectives on the current and future challenges of gaming.

We invite all industry professionals, as well as gaming enthusiasts, to register to attend these enriching conferences. Registration is open, and each session is an opportunity to learn, connect, and be inspired.

For more information on the full conference programme and to reserve your place, visit the official website www.moroccogamingexpo.ma

Join us in Rabat from May 24 to 26 to connect with gaming leaders and explore the new frontiers of the industry.

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