19 June 2024 | 11:28

The first edition of the “Morocco Gaming Expo” from 24 to 26 May 2024 in Rabat

The Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication is organising the first edition of “Morocco Gaming Expo”, to be held from Friday 24 May to Sunday 26 May 2024 at the Sofitel Jardin des Roses in Rabat.

Morocco Gaming Expo 2024 is the first exhibition of its kind in Morocco. Its aim is to promote the gaming industry in Morocco and more specifically Rabat Gaming City, which aims to set up a cluster of national and foreign companies. Rabat Gaming City is set to become not only a source of high-quality jobs, but also a hotbed of cultural and social creativity in the capital, and one of the biggest hubs in the gaming sector in Africa and the Mena zone.

Morocco Gaming Expo 2024 is an opportunity to meet other global companies in the sector, to forge national and international partnerships and to take part in training sessions in all areas of the gaming industry.

Access to the show will be free subject to registration.

Morocco Gaming Expo 2024 comprises 3 areas:

– An exhibition area dedicated primarily to the Moroccan ecosystem: Rabat Gaming City, start-ups and incubators, universities and training operators, funding bodies, infrastructure suppliers (hardware, telecoms networks, data centre, cloud, etc.).

Stands will be made available free of charge to companies subject to acceptance of their application submitted via the stand application form available on the https://moroccogamingexpo.ma website.

– An area dedicated to conferences and training sessions on Gaming with high-level national and international experts on all areas of the Gaming value chain.

– An area dedicated to tournaments including e-sport, team strategy and multiplayer battle games.

The global gaming market is the world’s leading cultural and creative industry, worth USD 295 billion in 2022. Projections indicate that this growth will continue and the industry could reach a value of 321 billion USD by 2026.

On a national level, gaming is an emerging sector that offers huge employment and investment opportunities for Morocco. With this in mind, the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication has launched a Gaming strategy for 2022, focusing on 4 key areas:

– Setting up technological and hosting infrastructures, including Rabat Gaming City.

– The development of training initiatives in the Gaming sector: covering all needs and strengthening what already exists.

– Structuring incubators and supporting local and international investors through attractive schemes.

– National and international promotion of the sector: communication, presence at trade fairs abroad, “Morocco Gaming Expo” in Rabat.

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